Childcare. Daycare. ..and lack of.

I have been in a whirlwind of emotions the last couple months. I decided I was ready to go back to work and no longer be a stay at home mom. My mother in law agreed to watch the kids M-F. I got a job with Legal Aid, and I absolutely LOVED it!

It was quickly determined that 3 kids is a lot for 1 grandma to take on M-F, which I completely understand because I know that it is a lot for me. I started calling around to daycares only to find my options were non existent. No openings in any daycares for 3 children, and if I wanted all of my children in the same daycare the waiting list would be years out. Soooo…. I had to quit my job because I can’t get my kids into daycare. This shouldn’t happen, this shouldn’t be the case. Child care should be available to families who need or want it. I made a choice when I had children, I knew that my children would be my first priority over any job. It just really sucks that when you’re ready to start working again your options for child care are non existent. Something isn’t working in our system, something isn’t right.

Childcare is important, it should be easy, realiable, inexpensive. It is the opposite. My only option shouldn’t be staying at home with kids 24/7, but it is for the time being. I’ll continue to enjoy my little ones, and savor their moments, but it is truly upsetting to know how difficult it is to find childcare.

I’m curious as to how many other families deal with the daycare struggles. I imagine I’m not a lone wolf here.

End of my rant.


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