My Sweet Thomas

The minute I could feel Thomas moving in my belly, I knew he was going to be fierce. Thomas came into this world quick, and unplanned.

…quick and unplanned…
This would describe Thomas pretty well. I can not even put into words the amount of brain power I use every day to keep up with him. If I turn my back for 2 seconds he standing on the top of a bunk bed, leaping down head first. Unfortunately, this is a true story, and I learned a good lesson pretty quick! Luckily he was ok.

You can see, Thomas is a child you can’t plan your day around, he will be a charming handsome young man playing quietly with his toy cell phone calling papa one second and the next second he is screaming bloody murder about his shirt that has a drop of water spilt on it. The problem with him screaming and throwing a tantrum is he will not specifically and tell you why he is screaming so you have to go through every possible scenario:
-is he hurt? …nope looks ok
-did his brother take something away from him? …nope
-did he all of a sudden decide he’s hungry or dying of thirst? …nope
-did he poop? …nope and he wouldn’t care anyway
-is he annoyed about something? ….yep. Ok…great, what’s he annoyed about?
…catch my drift?…

Now that I realize he is annoyed about something it can be a challenge to figure out why this tiny child is exploding as if the world has come crashing down on him. Maybe after 10-15 he may decide to start trying to take his shirt off…maybe not though. He will do this at a store, at home, in the bath, in the middle of the night, doesn’t matter. If he’s not happy he will let you know. You just will have to be a master at guessing why.


Thomas still doesn’t sleep through the night. Paul and I are pretty used to be woken up to the sweet sound of a little boy every night yelling, “MOM!” “DAD!” This is more than ok because, I WILL MISS THIS ONE DAY.

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with Thomas, I was getting ready for work, and decided it was time to take a test. I saw the 2 lines, I didn’t believe it. It was completely unexpected. After all, I was told the only chance I would have of conceiving was if I did IVF. I was scared, worried that if it was true I would miscarry or have complications. I was already preparing myself for the worst situation possible. Which, is much like how I prepare myself still everyday for Thomas.

There isn’t a thing this kid can’t find, break, or hurt himself on. It is typical for Thomas to always have at least one black and blue mark on him at all times from Lord knows what. Every time he gets hurt, he looks at me with the saddest, face you’d ever seen with those pretty blue eyes; can’t help but to wrap him up in your arms and cuddle with him as long as possible.

We thought Thomas would never talk, although he is VERY vocal in other ways, he is also very quiet. He would rather observe every aspect of what is going on around him than say one word about it. If someone is talking, you can bet he is listening quietly; if someone is doing anything at all that he’s never seen before, you can GUARANTEE he is observing every small detail of it. I often wonder if he will be scientist, a surgeon, or something crazy cool because the way he can watch, listen, and observe; this tells me he is eagerly learning and comprehending everything around him. He is smart- so smart, that most of us cannot figure him out.

Today he is TWO.
TWO YEARS have passed since I met him, and I cannot imagine my life without his chaos. My life would be boring. Thomas is at least 2 full time jobs.


This year we start E.C.F.E with him, which will be interesting since he does not let Paul or I leave his sight for more than a second. I’m sure he will figure it out, but I don’t think it’s going to be as quick as most children. I love this about him. Who wouldn’t love their child only wanting to be around them 24/7?!

Tom’s favorite person is, dad.
Tom’s favorite word is, daddy.
Tom’s favorite time of the day is when, dad comes home.
Tom’s favorite person to play with is, dad.
….catch my drift?…

I am so excited to see what the terrible 2’s will bring us this year. Luckily, because of Thomas I have patience that is harder than stone. I know I will be able to handle it.

Happy Birthday my sweet Thomas.
August 22 is your day.
May you shine brighter than ever. ❤



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